Pope Francis LITERALLY Participated in Invocation of EVIL SPIRITS

Pope Francis participates in the invocation of  evil spirits.  Pope Francis actively participated   in a paganistic and Satanic ceremony invoking  the spirits of grandmothers and grandfathers   during his recent trip to Canada. This  demonic practice happened in Quebec city   when Pope Francis hosted aboriginal leaders. An indigenous elder initiated the smudging   ceremony and Pope Francis, along with his  deceived cardinal, joined in the ceremony. 

“We’ll do a virtual circle and we’ll  open a circle here today in spirit. From that circle we can visualize a sacred fire. A sacred fire unites everything in creation. We will put virtual tobacco in that fire as well. We will honor earth, wind, water and fire.” 

The ritualist goes on to ask the four  different directions – north, east, south and   west – to open themselves so they can access those  directions. Does this sound like a demonic ritual?

“I will ask the east direction  to open its door so we can have   access to that direction. I’ll ask the  southern direction to open its door as well   to have access to that direction. I will ask  the western direction to open that door, the   grandmother door. We will honor the northern direction, the direction of grandfathers.”

This aboriginal spiritist is   summoning the spirit of the dead and Pope Francis  gladly participates in the ceremony. It gets even   worse. As part of the ritual, the group’s elder goes  on to open up the four directions by blowing a   bone whistle four times but before he does that, he  asks everyone including Pope Francis, who sits next   to him, to place their hands on their hearts.

“I’ll  open the four directions. I will whistle four times. Before I do that, I’d like for you to put  your hands on your heart, each one of you. The heart can be like a talking stick but  that’s where the creator puts wisdom in humans. We often need to remind ourselves  of this. It’s an important gesture   to connect ourselves with that wisdom.”

The next part of the ceremony is pagan at best  and witchcraft at worst. The indigenous elder   who conducts the smudging ceremony calls on “western grandmother” to grant them access to the sacred circle of spirits. This is  sheer demonic.

“I asked the western grandmother   to give us access to the sacred circle of  spirits so they can be with us, so we can be   united and stronger together.”

Thomas Aquinas, whom Catholics including Pope  Francis regard as one of their church fathers,   once said if someone were to worship at the tomb  of Muhammad, he would be deemed an apostate. Indeed,   Pope Francis would be considered an apostate by  Thomas Aquinas for engaging in a pagan ritual   that summons the spirits of western grandmothers  in order for them, including Pope Francis, to gain   access to the sacred circle of spirits. God warned  against interacting with or conjuring evil spirits   and the person who turns to mediums and  familiar spirits to prostitute himself with them,   I will set my face against that person and cut  him off from his people. (Leviticus 20:6) Sadly,   Catholicism represented by the Bishop of Rome  does not preach the true gospel. As a result, no one   should be astonished to see Pope Francis dabble  in witchcraft. 

“If anyone says that the guilt is   remitted to every penitent sinner after the grace  of justification has been received and that the   debt of eternal punishment is so blotted out that  there remains no debt of temporal punishment to   be discharged either in this world or in the next  in purgatory before the entrance to the kingdom of   heaven can be opened, let him be anathema.” They do  not preach the same gospel. 

Unfortunately, this is   not the first time Pope Francis has made headlines  for engaging in idolatrous worship of pagan gods. In 2019, Pope Francis publicly celebrated Pachamama,  the Amazon goddess also known as Mother Earth. Some say Pachamama is the fertility goddess who  married her son. Since the beginning of the synod,   this figure of a pregnant woman caused much debate. For many indigenous, it represents the Mother Earth   of the Amazon. She grows the fruits of the synod  in favor of minorities from Amazonian countries. For others, it represents the mother of Jesus  with an Amazonian face. According to the Catholic   church’s old canon law, what Pope Francis did –  that is participating in pagan ceremonies –  would result in excommunication. It would be  interesting to see Pope Francis excommunicated but   this is unlikely to happen. In reality, the pagan  ritual that Pope Francis engaged in parallels   Catholicism’s practices of venerating the dead  and idols.

“Our entire discussion has one purpose   and that is to make sure that we understand  that people caught up in the Roman system   are not saved Christians. We have to continue  to evangelize them. We cannot reach a point now   where we redesignate people in the Roman  Catholic church as believers in Christ or we   will cut them off from the necessary exposure  to the true gospel, which alone can bring them   salvation. Genuine and discerning believers  through all the history of the church   and today understand the false priesthood. True  believers understand the horrific exaltation   of Mary above Christ and even above God. They  understand this twisted sacrament of the mass,   which attempts to re-sacrifice Christ. True  Christians understand the false forgiveness   of the confessionals, the money motives behind the  invention of purgatory as a way to raise money,   people giving money to the church to buy their  dead relatives out of this imaginary place called   purgatory. The true church has always understood  the disastrous harm of indulgences, buying   your own way out of purgatory by giving money to  the system, the abomination of the worship of idols   and relics, prayers for the dead, the perversion  of forced celibacy. All of these things have been   very clearly heresies and the true church  has always understood it. At the top of   the pile, the true church has always understood  the Pope as a usurper of the headship of Christ   over his church.” (John MacArthur)

The late Pope John  Paul II was declared a saint on September 20, 2013.   Catholics can now pray to him as an  intermediary and have their prayers answered. The same Pope kissed the Quran and participated in  pagan rituals just like Pope Francis. You shouldn’t   be shocked when you see the head of the Catholic  church engage in pagan practices that involve   conjuring evil spirits which the bible clearly  forbids. The reason is that Catholicism is a   pagan religion that has put on the garb of  Christianity thus deceiving billions. The   whole idea of the Pope, which Catholicism says  began with Peter, is not supported by scripture.   Voddie Baucham goes on to explain why.

There are  three verses that make it clear that Peter   does not see himself as the Pope, he does not see  himself as the rock upon which the church is built. He writes “So I exhort the elders among you as a  fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of   Christ as well as a partaker in the glory that  is going to be revealed. Shepherd the flock of God   that is among you. Exercise oversight, not under  compulsion, but willingly as God would have you,   not for shameful gain but eagerly, not domineering  over those in your charge but being examples   to the flock.” The disciples don’t  see Peter as having been made a Pope. Jesus makes it clear that  Peter hadn’t been made a Pope   and Peter later makes it clear that he doesn’t see  himself as having been established as a Pope. 

We   pray that God would open our Catholic friends’ eyes  and lead them away from apostate religion.